End of 2nd challenge.

So I took CHRW calls into earning because I wanted to all or nothing trade.

And it turned out to be nothing.


Due to personal reasons I was not able to do much trading last month and I paid for it. 

I am officially closing this challenge and going to start new soon. May be next week.


Stay tuned……………..

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I bought 3 March 57.5 calls in CHRW.

I am planning to take these off if I get gain before earning 02/05.


Stay tuned…..

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I was little busy recently. So could not post any trades. 

I posted on stocktwit that I closed my 4 DO calls for $1.50 and then I could not post for other exit.

So to be fair, I will keep my current account value as

4×150 = $600 


$187 cash 

So total cash it $787

I will start trading again tomorrow.


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12/24/2013 (update)

I am holding my DO calls going into holidays.

DO got some bounce today. But today does not count as day before holiday is just a noise. Need to see if DO can continue this pop on 26th or is it going back to downward slop ?

Say tuned…………..

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Bad start of the challenge just like last time. I really need this next trade to work or it will be more difficult to get out of this hole.

I bought 8 calls Jan 55.5 strike in DO for $1.50

I was doing bottom fishing once again like HAL and EWZ. This time I am going to stop sooner.

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12/18/2013 ( updates and exits)

I was under the weather last week so I was not able to blog.

I bought 5 EWZ 44 Jan calls yesterday (12/17/2013) for 1.57 ( 5 calls)

And already sold it for 1.29 today on 12/18/2013

Closed my HAL calls for 1.08

Both of them are losers.

HAL – ($445)
EWZ – (168)

Account value: $1387

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12/09/2013 (HAL Entry)

I took first trade for new challenge.

Bought 5 Jan 50 calls for $1.97

Currently, HAL is pulling back. I understand that I am trying to catch falling stock but HAL has been very good for 2013 and I see year end buying in this name.

Sitting right at 100days here. I will watch this trade very closely because I Can not afford major draw down in initial trades. I will not allow more than 30% loss in HAL.

Stay tuned ……………..

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